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Wolfman Jack

Born January 21, 1938 in Brooklyn, New York, Robert Weston Smith went on to become the legendary Wolfman Jack; radio's most recognized and celebrated Disc Jockey. Regretfully, his life ended suddenly in 1995, the result of a heart attack, which he suffered in his hometown of Belvidere, North Carolina on July 1st.

There is so much excellent material already written about The Wolfman that rather than attempt to reproduce it here, please use the links below to read all about this notorious character whose howl we all grew to love and cherish as it penetrated the airwaves no matter where we were when we cruised the main drag in our hometowns back in the'50s and '60s.

His popularity is especially well characterized in American Graffiti as Pharaoh Carlos exclaims "He flies that thing all around the world". True to these words and with permission from the publisher, included below is an article that appeared in New Zealand's Petrolhead magazine in 2005.

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